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Winging It

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I’m making a case for my Arduino, for some reason. I’ll be getting this fabricated with the computer science building’s laser cutter tomorrow (already bought some acrylic to use). I’m not sure I really know what I’m doing, so I just stuck the pieces together in Inkscape and am hoping for the best.

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Range Sensor

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Made another Arduino thing today, this time using a sonar rangefinder and an LED matrix. It doesn’t quite make for clever photography, but I still like it.

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Last semester I took a course on the history of photography, and a web design course focused on the aesthetic capabilities of the Internet (as opposed to, say, a three-month tutorial in HTML and CSS). I've since become more appreciative of the fundamental relationship between art and science; it's not always obvious, but the two exist in an feedback loop.

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An Idea

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Sometimes I have weird ideas. I’m a very heavy sleeper, and am prone to waking up late or falling back asleep. But what if I had an alarm clock that didn’t screw around?

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